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Planet Earth (Episode 11)

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Six National Film Board of Canada films are presented by on-camera host Monique Mojica. Lord of the Sky: In this animated environmental parable reflecting the natural environment and cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest, we find a people living in harmony with nature, until carelessness leads to the ravens' revenge (12 min. 57 sec.). Arkelope: A seriously funny animated look at endangered species and human passivity in the face of the ubiquitous TV set (5 min. 17 sec.). 64,000,000 Years Ago: This animated film for children looks at the last of the great dinosaurs to stalk the central plains of North America (11 min. 25 sec.). Mother Earth/La Terre notre mère: References to the forces that threaten the earth and all its inhabitants offer us points for reflection (10 min. 33 sec.). Paradise Lost: A plea for the right of all creatures to a clean, unpolluted environment, the film shows how woodland creatures succumb to air pollution caused by human inventions (3 min. 48 sec.). Blackfly: This animated film recounts folksinger Wade Hemsworth's battles with blackflies during a summer in Northern Ontario (5 min. 6 sec.). Part eleven of a thirteen part collection on environmental themes.

1995, 51 min 59 s