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Evangeline's Quest

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Published in 1847, Evangeline. A Tale of Acadie has enjoyed such outstanding success that its heroine has become legendary as a universal symbol of courage and fidelity. This tale of a young Acadian woman who was separated from her fiancé during the 1755 Deporation has been translated into 130 languages and published in 300 editions.

This fascinating documentary examines the breadth of the Evangeline phenomenon, from literary success to myth, trademark and muse. Peppered with anecdotes and other details, Evangeline's Quest takes us from Grand-Pré to Louisiana, through Cambridge and Moncton. During the voyage, we see the world through our heroine's eyes and words. Although Evangeline is a fictional character, through this voyage of imagination, we appreciate her very real impact on contemporary culture.

For millions around the world who are familiar with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's creation--as well as for those who are not--Evangeline's Quest promises to be a rich source of discovery and fascination.

1996, 53 min 40 s

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Special Jury Mention
Festival international du film francophone
September 27 to October 5 1996, Namur - Belgium