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The soul leaves the body. Drawn by intense light, the spirit discovers its twin self, its feminine side...its guide in the beyond. Inspired by the myths of the afterlife, this allegorical dance piece illuminates the soul's quest by exploring movement and the human body in new and astonishing ways. An evocation of the origins of the world. A hymn to the beauty of the human form. A celebration of movement. A metaphor for life and death. Film without words.

1996, 26 min 22 s

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Honorable Mention
International Film and Video Festival
October 21 to 23 1997, Columbus - USA

Award of the Mayor
Art Film Trencianske Teplice
June 20 to 27 1997, Bratislava - Slovakia

Award for Best Picture (Jean-Pierre Lachapelle)
MEDIAWAVE / International Festival of Visual Arts
April 28 to May 3 1997, Györ - Hungary

Award - Category: Best Short Documentary
Hot Docs
March 18 to 23 1997, Toronto - Canada

Telefilm Canada Award (tied with Two Impossible Films de Mark Lewis - Canada) - with a cash prize of 15,000$ (7,500$ each)
FIFA / International Festival of Films on Art
March 11 to 16 1997, Montréal - Canada

Award for Best choregraphy for camera
Moving Pictures
October 17 to 18 1996, Toronto - Canada

Award of Excellence for Best Film or Video under 60 minutes (tied with Thirty Five Aside by Damien O'Donnell - Ireland) - with a cash prize of 500$
FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival
September 20 to 28 1996, Halifax - Canada

Special Jury Citation from the John Spotton Award for its formal beauty and poetic cinematic construction
International Film Festival
September 5 to 14 1996, Toronto - Canada