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First Nation Blue

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First Nation Blue takes us behind the bulletproof vest to uncover the changing attitudes of the Native and non-Native police officers who serve First Nations communities in Ontario. The film features three officers who show that instead of being outsiders forcing the people to change, police are now adapting themselves to address the needs of Native people.

Intercutting actual patrol footage with at-home interviews, this powerful documentary shows first-hand the intimate relationships the officers have developed with the people they serve, how they deal with delicate, potentially violent situations, and what effect their work has on their private lives. In close-knit communities, where officers may find themselves forced to arrest neighbours and relatives, police work is particularly difficult. That difficulty is compounded for police working among First Nations people dealing with high rates of suicide, substance abuse and child neglect while struggling to maintain their cultural integrity.

Despite the depth of the social problems portrayed, First Nation Blue remains hopeful, showing how the First Nations of Canada are shaping their own destiny.

1996, 47 min 50 s

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Best Documentary Award - Category: Non-Indian Produced
American Indian Film and Video Competition
June 12 to 15 1997, Oklahoma City - USA

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