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On Health and Healing... A Spiritual Journey

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A set of six videos on how different people deal with life, illness and death. Healing Spirit: Spiritual healing, holistic medicine and medical technology connect in this video about the human journey through life and death, ilness and healing, featuring Drs Bernie Siegel, Deepak Chopra and Marion Woodman (57 min. 11 sec.). Filmed in India, The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Way of Life shows the rites and liturgies surrounding the death of a Ladakhi elder. The Dalai Lama explains his feelings about death, while other scenes within a palliative care hospice in San Francisco depict the use of the texts to counsel dying AIDS patients (45 min. 35 sec.). The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Liberation is a docudrama in which an old Buddhist lama and a 13-year-old novice monk lead us into the texts of The Tibetan Book of the Dead as they conduct the 49 days of final rites for a deceased Himalayan villager (45 min. 3 sec.). The Measure of Your Passage: When a young woman learns she is harbouring the AIDS virus, she travels back to the Bronze Age, observing as she wanders in the ruined sites of the ancient Minoans, that their passage is still visible four thousand years later (29 min. 14 sec.). The Passerby: Poems, interviews, home movies, photographs, and footage shot around the globe meld into haunting impressions of lives lived (57 min. 41 sec.). In My Own Time - Diary of a Cancer Patient: In 1991, Joseph Viszmeg, an Edmonton filmmaker, was diagnosed with a rare form of adrenal cancer. Four years later, he is still very much alive. This is his personal account of living with the disease and his belief that 'western medicine does not have all the answers...' (45 min. 3 sec.).

1996, 279 min 47 s

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