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In parody of the Frankenstein story, Dr. Frankenstein creates a monster only to find out that his creation is too shy to go out and frighten anyone. The good doctor and his malevolent assistant Trevor try to find ways of helping their creation overcome his condition. A film for anyone who's ever been shy.

1996, 09 min 26 s

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Gold Apple Award
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 1 1997, Oakland - USA

Plaque of Merit
Philippines Film Festival on Mental Health
October 7 to 30 1965, Manila - Philippines

Second Award - Category: Adult Education
Annual Film Festival
April 1 1954, Boston - USA

First Award - Category: Non-theatrical Government Sponsored
Genie Awards
April 30 1953, Montréal - Canada

One of the 10 Best Education Films of 1953
Scholastic Teachers Magazine Annual Film Awards
April 1 1953, New York - USA

Best 16mm film
Annual Film Festival
June 1 1952, Cleveland - USA