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La Salla

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In La Salla, the classic tale of temptation is revealed to us in the unique form of a comic opera. We are taken into the world of a character who does as he pleases, mindless of the consequences. In a room full of wind-up toys, he sets a chain of events into motion that ends up disturbing both his own, and the viewer's, sense of reality. Sitting alone in a playroom, our hero is intermittently disturbed by a spectral visitor who holds an apple out to him. When temptation gets the better of him, he is left to suffer the consequences.

1996, 08 min 11 s

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Best of International Animation
International Film Festival
July 9 to 18 1998, Jerusalem - Israël

Jury Award - Category: Animation Program
Expo of Short Film and Video
November 21 1997, New York - USA

Best Animation Film Award - with a cash prize of 500$US
Film Festival
November 13 to 16 1997, Nashville - USA

Bronze Plaque Award
International Film and Video Festival
October 21 to 23 1997, Columbus - USA

Honorable Mention - Category: Animated film and video by the Adult Jury
International Children's Film Festival
October 9 to 19 1997, Chicago - USA

Honorable Mention
Central Florida Film & Video Festival
September 26 to October 6 1997, Orlando - USA

NFB Award for Best Animation Film
International Film Festival
October 4 to 20 1996, Vancouver - Canada

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