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Perspectives in Science 2 - Forestry

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This thought-provoking program consists of five chapters: a short drama plus four sections which explore diversity, natural succession, energy flows, clonal propagation, soil protection and the scientific community's responsibility for on-going research into forest ecosystems. The drama, Good Logging Is No Crime, portrays a government forester's dilemma when faced with having to choose between short-term profits and environmental sustainability. When a logging community's local mill applies for a cutting licence, the forester must consider the community's economic realities and the future of its resource base. In Chapters 2-5, foresters apply the research in the development of silviculture plans, fisheries and wildlife protection strategies, site preparation, harvesting operations and post-harvest treatments. Alternatives to clear-cutting, such as selective logging with horses, are examined together with initiatives to establish integrated sustainable development approaches that involve all members of society.

1994, 59 min 01 s