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Time on Earth

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Join Charmaine Williams (age 66), Jack Elliott (age 74), and Dorothy Buckley-Jones (Ages 64), as they travel the highways of North America in their motorhomes. Charmaine is an energetic woman who is embracing her recent retirement. Divorced, with grown children, she throws herself into the social scene on the seniors' RV circuit, finding a community of like-minded individuals that, to her, is like heaven on earth. Jack is a widower who, after two years of grieving, is determined to find a new wife. Jack's journey takes him back to his home in Texas, where he must not only face his memories but also the hurdle of having his driver's license renewed. Jack is legally blind and he fears the loss of freedom that driving provides. Dorothy, whose razor-sharp wit masks her vulnerability, has experienced a life of alcoholism and broken marriages. She steers her RV towards Nova Scotia's Atlantic coastline. There she finds the tranquility she always feels when she's near the water. An intimate portrait of three very different seniors journeying across North America, Time on Earth is also a contemplative journey inwards.

1997, 50 min 50 s