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Perspectives in Science 2 - Air

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This thought-provoking program consists of five chapters: a short animated film plus four sections which explore the sources and environmental impact of air pollution.

A humorous animated short, filmed in the tongue-in-cheek style of a hard-boiled detective story, Deadly Deposits disguises a serious lesson in the health hazards posed by poor air quality. Masquerading as a murder mystery, the film reveals details about the effects of environmental pollutants encountered in our daily lives.

A closer examination of air pollution, its sources and environmental impact, is presented in Chapters 2-5. Analysis includes scientific techniques of atmospheric study, industry's responsibility to society and current efforts to identify, regulate and control air contaminants. An exploration of the fuel cell as a viable alternative to fossil fuel energy reveals production- and cost-related hurdles yet to be overcome. Emphasis is placed on the urgent need to develop sound energy-efficient technologies without sacrificing the health and well-being of society and the environment.

1995, 50 min 18 s