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On Avoiding Extinction

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Part of a series of television programs including interviews with the directors of short animated films as well as the films in their entirety. This video includes: Watching TV (directed by Chris Hinton): Disturbing images and sound force viewers to examine what, why and how they watch TV, and the effects of television violence on themselves and others (4 min. 57 sec.); Dinner for Two/Dîner intime (directed by Janet Perlman): Through this story of a simple dispute between two small animals that grows into a violent struggle, children and adults can learn much about the nature of conflict and non-violent ways to deal with it (7 min. 15 sec.); How Dinosaurs Learned fo Fly (directed by Munro Ferguson): The dinosaurs loved to jump off cliffs, but they didn't like landing. The early mammals tried to warn them, "You'll all be extinct if you keep that up!" But the dinosaurs just laughed... and over time they evolved into birds (5 min. 58 sec.); and excerpts from Arkelope, Begone Dull Care, The Passerby and Neighbours.

1997, 30 min