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Louisbourg Under Siege

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In 1745, merchants from New England raised a largely untrained force of 4,000 men and set out to take the great French fortress of Louisbourg. Once thought impregnable, it fell in a matter of weeks. Located on Cape Breton, in what is now Nova Scotia, Louisbourg was the greatest French fortress in North America and a key military stronghold.

Three short years later, the British infuriated the New Englanders by negotiating a deal that saw Louisbourg returned to French control. In 1758 the British laid siege to the fortress once again, this time razing it after its capture.

Using stunning footage of the fortress and a re-creation of the 1745 Battle of Louisbourg, this beautifully shot documentary brings to life a turning point in North American history.

The colonists' assault on Louisbourg played a pivotal role in the emergence of the US as a nation. The victory marked a coming-of-age for the New Englanders, giving them confidence in their military strength, laying the basis for their military tradition and making them wary of European powers.

1997, 45 min