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Alternate Route

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Alternate Route features young women and men who are fighting back against the economic oppression that comes from living in a society with too many people for too few jobs. They are fighting back--not with violence--but with courage and resourcefulness. This is Generation E... and "E" is for entrepreneur.

From fish to fashion, Alternate Route follows the young owners of four businesses as they deal with the ups and downs of running their companies and their lives. despite all the negative messages they get about unemployment, education and hopelessness, they are not afraid to take risks and are forging ahead to carve out a place for themselves in society. These ambitious young adults prove that one alternative to unemployment is self-employment.

The defiant lyrics of the theme song match the bold and creative energy alive in these young entrepreneurs. Witty animation sequences add a layer of visual playfulness, but the message remains: Do something before it is too late!

1997, 45 min

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Bronze Apple Award
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 30 to 31 1998, Oakland - USA

Award of Merit
Itinerant - AMTEC
June 4 to 8 1997, Saskatoon - Canada