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At birth a child is placed on an assembly line that symbolizes the passage of time. Objects representing knowledge - books, magazines and printed materials, videocassettes and compact discs - twirl around him. Suddenly, two hands fasten a funnel on his head. From now on, all the information that reaches him will be sorted, grated or shredded. The child grows up and his thirst for knowledge annoys the censors. They want to make him a model citizen, like the others who come off the assembly line. Outraged, the young man begins an unrelenting duel with the censors. Attacked by an army of cutting tools, he counterattacks by bombarding the enemy with huge quantities of information. The army of scissors beats a retreat. Ecstatic, the young man has won the first battle in his struggle for freedom of expression. But crouching in their corner, the scissors are still a threat... An animated film without words for twelve to seventeen year olds.

1997, 06 min 44 s

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Jury Award - with a cash prize of 25$US
Expo of Short Film and Video
December 2 to 6 1998, New York - USA

Chris Award - Category: Arts and Culture
International Film and Video Festival
October 19 to 22 1998, Columbus - USA

Best Film for Children - with a cash prize of 500$US
Anima Mundi
July 31 to August 9 1998, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Special Apple Award
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 30 to 31 1998, Oakland - USA

Second Prize - Animation Film or Video
International Children's Film Festival
October 9 to 19 1997, Chicago - USA

Giffoni Film Festival Award - for the Rights from the Heart Series (3 parts) for all-round constant creative achievement and artistic integrity in the cinema
Film Festival
July 20 to 27 1997, Giffoni - Italy