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Narkoblues / Narco Blues

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On summer vacation a young teenager finds himself hanging out alone on the streets of his neighbourhood, all his friends having gone to the country with their parents. Near his home he meets a disturbing character, a drug pusher looking for clients, who introduces him to an artificial paradise. The teenager discovers a seductive and terrifying world that frequently draws him back to his neighbour. To buy the drug, he empties his piggybank, pawns his favourite possessions and finally goes into his mother's purse where he finds her wallet empty. The pusher is unscrupulous. Unable to pay, the young teenager lets himself be persuaded into committing a theft. The duo is surprised by the police, but the boy manages to escape. The incident leads to a bad trip, which ultimately has a salutary effect on him. An animated film without words for twelve to seventeen year olds.

1997, 08 min 14 s

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Award for Most Inspirational Short film or Video - given by the Youth Jury (Ages 13 +)
Reel to Real International Film Festival for Youth and Families
March 3 to 6 1999, Vancouver - Canada

Chris Award - Category: Health and Medicine
International Film and Video Festival
October 19 to 22 1998, Columbus - USA

Giffoni Film Festival Award - for the Rights from the Heart Series (3 parts) for all-round constant creative achievement and artistic integrity in the cinema
Film Festival
July 20 to 27 1997, Giffoni - Italy