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The popular image of the turtle as a slow and steady plodder that somehow manages to win the race isn't too far from the truth. One of the world's oldest creatures, it has endured through 200 million years, thanks to its tough, adaptable body and behaviour. The turtle's survival has never been in question--until now. The Painted Turtle can be found throughout much of North America, in freshwater shallows that have an abundance of aquatic vegetation. Long considered expendable places, these wetlands are now recognized as being immensely rich ecosystems that are essential in maintaining nature's balance. But they are rapidly being destroyed by human activity. Enter the intriguing world of the Midland Painted Turtle, and follow it across the four seasons, through hibernation, mating, birth and death. An engaging, affectionate profile that will inspire admiration for this funny, durable animal and respect for the precious, fragile ponds and marshes where it makes its home.

1997, 24 min 15 s

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Bronze Apple Award
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 30 to 31 1999, Oakland - USA

Award of merit
Itinerant - AMTEC
June 3 to 6 1998, Edmonton - Canada

Bronze Plaque Award
International Film and Video Festival
October 21 to 23 1997, Columbus - USA

Gold Plaque - Category: Science/Nature Documentary
International Film Festival
October 9 to 19 1997, Chicago - USA

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