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A young girl is taken away to a large city by train. She knows nothing about the man her parents entrust her to, and puts up no resistance. During the journey she recalls good times she spent with her family at a village fair, where she had a pretty flower tattooed on her hand. On their arrival, the child is dazzled by the lights of the city. She trustingly follows this stranger, who is leading her to a brothel. When she sees money passing from the hands of the madam to the pimp, she remembers that her father took a large sum of money from this same stranger. She realizes with horror that she has been sold. A prisoner in the brothel, the young girl is dressed up in beautiful clothes and sparkling jewelry before being shut in a filthy room. A wealthy customer appears. Through the blinds, she sees him hand a wad of bills to the madam. The man enters her room, drooling in his excitement. The child screams for help with all her might, but her cries mingle with the whistling of the train as it flies into the night... An animated film without words for twelve to seventeen year olds.

1997, 06 min 37 s

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Giffoni Film Festival Award - for the Rights from the Heart Series (3 parts) for all-round constant creative achievement and artistic integrity in the cinema
Film Festival
July 20 to 27 1997, Giffoni - Italy