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Stolen Moments

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Monumental and engaging, Stolen Moments takes you on a voyage through three centuries of gay life. Acclaimed filmmaker Margaret Wescott weaves together the lost threads of history: from the unique lesbian cultures of Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin, steeped in traditions of passing women, seductresses and relationships that lasted decades, to the more recent North American meccas of Montreal, Vancouver, New York, and San Francisco. Highlights of lesbian culture from times gone by are combined with incisive, personal commentary on contemporary struggles surrounding sexual politics and feminism, life and love. Olympic athlete Betty Baxter, stand-up comic Georgia Ragsdale, and writers Nicole Brossard, Joan Nestle, Leslie Feinberg, Judy Grahn and Audre Lorde all share their insights on the courage and passion, the challenges and triumphs, that mark the lesbian experience. Stolen Moments is about personal testimony of past and present courage and passion; about reenacted moments from lesbian history; about yesterday's oppression and today's resistance; about song and dance, ritual and performance...about crossing boundaries. Giving voice to stories that have been scattered or buried, rendering a shadowy history visible, Stolen Moments chronicles the past--and future--of lesbians in society.

1997, 91 min 46 s