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The Battle of Vimy Ridge - Part 1: Setting the Stage

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The first part of The Battle of Vimy Ridge series traces the nation's wartime experience from the 1914 outbreak of World War I, through the grim reality of the Somme, to Canada's being assigned the daunting mission of capturing Vimy Ridge. While Canadians were initially eager to do their part to win the war, three years of fruitless combat had resulted in a staggering number of casualties for a country as small as Canada. Vimy Ridge in the north of France was one of the German's strongest positions, and its capture was vital to the Allies' campaign. As the Canadian troops moved into the trenches facing Vimy, the Germans greeted them with mocking sign that read: "Welcome Canadians". Both sides knew another bloody assault was about to begin. Part 1 of the four-volume The Battle of Vimy Ridge series.

1997, 22 min 53 s