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The Battle of Vimy Ridge - Part 3: The Battle Looms

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A chronicle of both the military build-up and the initial skirmishes in the air, in the tunnels, and in No Man's Land as the Canadians prepared for the historic assault on Vimy Ridge in the north of France. In the Spring of 1917, three years into World War I, casualties were in the millions and no end was in sight. In the week before the attack the Canadians' morale was high. While the Germans suffered under an unrelenting, week-long artillery barrage, airmen like Billy Bishop scouted enemy positions and Canadians tunneled deep into No Man's Land in order to launch surprise attacks. At the same time, the Canadians were also raiding the German trenches, taking prisoners and gathering intelligence to help in planning the assault.

1997, 20 min 59 s