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The Song Spinner

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Deep in the midst of a vast and icy marshland known as the Water Land lies the mythical kingdom of Shandrilan, the quietest place in the world. Here, where strict laws prohibit noise of any kind, the people have forgotten how to sing and make music. One day, a mysterious woman named Zantalalia returns from exile in the frozen barrens to pass on her secrets to Aurora, a spirited 10-year-old girl. She brings with her a forbidden gift--a Song Spinner, a magical box that produces beautiful noise called music. Inspired by this incredible bequest, Aurora begins a crusade to bring back the gift of joyful sounds and music to her dark and silent home. But first, she must overcome the menacing Noise Police and find a way to reawaken the broken heart of the melancholic King of Shandrilan. An elegant and timeless tale that is part fable, part love story, The Song Spinner will enchant children and their parents for generations to come.

1997, 95 min 14 s