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Eye of the Storm

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Nain is a remote Inuit community on the coast of Labrador that has existed peacefully for two hundred years. Now, one of the worlds largest deposits of nickel and copper has been discovered 50 kilometres away, at Voisey Bay. As commercial interests prepare to exploit the regions natural resources, Nain finds itself standing in the eye of a storm. The promise of sudden wealth and jobs for all is clouded by the spectre of environmental damage, the unsettled question of Aboriginal land claims, and the influx of hundreds of newcomers which will, inevitably, bring with it a new set of social problems. These issues have already created divisions among the people of the town. Some are eager to benefit from the coming economic boom, while others see the changes as threatening a way of life which has been successful for generations. A storm of social, political and economic forces is about to be unleashed on the residents of Nain. It will change their lives forever.

1997, 44 min 10 s