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Two family favourites that combine enchanting illustrations and engaging storytelling to capture the imagination and entertain all children.

The Cremation of Sam McGee (based on the poem by Robert W. Service): There are strange things done under the midnight sun, and Ted Harrison's striking illustrations bring them to life in this famous tale of Canada's Yukon. Max Ferguson relates the story of Sam McGee's final bone-chilling journey. Sam knows his end is near, and as he recalls his past in the warmth of Plumtree, Tennessee, his dying wish is to be cremated--so that his frozen bones can finally warm up! The trail is dark, the wind roars and the huskies howl... the stage is set for the surprise ending to this favourite adventure story (7 min. 27 sec.).

Owls in the Family (read by Farley Mowat): "Animals were good friends to me all the time that I was growing up," Farley Mowat tells us. So it seemed quite natural that Farley and his friends should take owls along for their summer adventures on the bank of the Saskatchewan River. Mowat describes his Prairie boyhood and the animals he knew. Here, he reads a chapter from his book in which the owl, Wol, scares away a group of bullies. A beautifully illustrated tale, told by a master storyteller. (12 min. 2 sec.).

1997, 19 min 26 s

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