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Lost Songs

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In the early 20th century, a disastrous outbreak of tuberculosis wreaked havoc on Indigenous communities in Canada. First Nations filmmakers Clint Tourangeau and Elaine Moyah explore attempts to treat the disease and examine the life-long, personal impact on thousands of patients. With TB at critical levels in the 1950s, patients were uprooted from their surroundings and relocated to recovery facilities far from home. Many people found their ties to family and society severed, a separation that often lasted for years.

Delving into the experiences of former patients at the Charles Camsell Indian Hospital in Edmonton, Lost Songs deftly layers vivid memories of isolation with archival footage and photos. The patients recall their years of hospitalization, after being forced to leave behind their traditional northern communities for unfamiliar urban environments. This eloquent documentary captures how the fight against tuberculosis became an even greater battle to maintain courage and spirit.

1999, 24 min 04 s