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The Nitinaht Chronicles

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This is a candid portrait of an Indigenous community struggling to come to terms with a searing legacy of sexual abuse, incest and family violence. The film follows the Ditidaht First Nation on BC's Nitinaht Lake Reserve over a seven-year period, after a respected elder is found guilty of sexually assaulting his granddaughter. Award-winning filmmaker Maurice Bulbulian was granted permission by members of the community to record their stories--and become a part of their healing process. These powerful and courageous interviews came to play a key role in enabling people in the community to share their experiences and overcome the cycle of abuse. Through their stories, they also reveal the continuing, devastating effects of the residential school system (which operated until the mid-1970s in BC). For decades, Indigenous youth were taken from their families and forced to attend these schools--where speaking their own languages and following their customs were forbidden, and where, all too often, physical, emotional and sexual abuse were routine. With hope and courage, the people in this film are overcoming their tragic past and healing themselves. The Nitinaht Chronicles contains strong language, including graphic sexual detail. Please preview before showing to an audience.

1997, 142 min 45 s

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The Chalmers Award - Documentarian award for film and video
M.Joan Chalmers Documentarian Awards for Film & Video
May 17 1999, Toronto - Canada