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The Petticoat Expeditions, Part Three: Countess of Aberdeen

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The Petticoat Expeditions uses the words and works of three extraordinary British women to recount their experiences in 19th-century Canada: acclaimed author Anna Jameson, who kept an account of her solitary journey throughout Upper Canada during the 1830s, when it was unheard of for a woman to travel alone; artist Frances Hopkins, who depicted the legendary voyageurs and their way of life in her paintings as she travelled in the Canadian wilderness by canoe in the 1860s; and Lady Ishbel Aberdeen, social activist, who chronicled her excursions across the country in the 1890s in a photographic travelogue. This breathtaking series paints an inspiring portrait of three women who would not be constrained by convention, and ties their travels to key historical changes taking place in their times. Part 3 follows the life of Lady Aberdeen, who devoted herself to social reform and helped found both the National Council of Women of Canada and the Victorian Order of Nurses in Canada.

1997, 20 min 03 s