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Come Again in Spring

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Old Hark is a creature of habit. He enjoys living in his weather-beaten house set down amidst the meadows. He has wood to chop, chores to do and time to reflect on a long life. His greatest joy is feeding the birds that have wintered over and have come to depend on him.

One day, a black-robed spectre materializes out of the fields, brandishing the Book of Time. But it's too soon! An exchange follows that has the old man reach deep into his memory. Does he have the strength to find the answers he needs to see the birds into spring?

Come Again in Spring is a gentle tale about mortality that works in subliminal ways. Can we negotiate our time on earth? How does each one of us reconcile our mortal fate? A lyrical look, exquisitely animated, at a reality as old as humanity, as young as today. Come Again in Spring is adapted from a story by Richard Kennedy by permission of the author.

2007, 11 min 50 s

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Award for Best Animation of the Festival
Festival Internacional de Cine Para Ninos - La Matatena
August 11 to 16 2009, Mexico City - Mexico