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Rain, Drizzle, and Fog

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St.John's, Newfoundland is North America's most easterly landfall. For half a millennium, its perfect harbour has provided a safe refuge in the middle of the treacherous North Atlantic. For 300 years of its history it was an actual crime to try and settle--Newfoundland was the private preserve of British fishing merchants. But people stayed, despite the colonial masters, despite the lack of law and order, despite hellish weather and raging seas. And the city grew--lurching through centuries of crisis, disaster, privation. For filmmaker, Rosemary House, 'This is still a hard rock land, a dirty old town at the back of beyond. And yet the St.John's townie is so proud, you'd swear we lived in Paris.' In this documentary, she explores her city with the help of six locals, Mary Walsh, Andy Jones, Anita Best, Brian Hennessey, Ed Riche, Des Walsh, writers and performers all, who walk through their home town and try to show what makes them love it so.

1998, 49 min 42 s