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Beyond Borders: Arab Feminists Talk About Their Lives... Eas

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Though the promise of women's equality inspired by national liberation movements in the 1950s and '60s never really materialized, Arab women have not given up their struggle.

Four years after the Gulf War, director Jennifer Kawaja followed a delegation of Arab women activists as they toured the United States. Gathering on college campuses, in church basements and at the UN, they speak passionately and eloquently, sensitizing North Americans to Arab feminism and the effects of US foreign policy.

From Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon, they candidly discuss the deterioration of women's rights in Arab states. How do they struggle against internal constraints, such as censorship and fundamentalism, yet counter Western domination?

Beyond Borders was filmed in the United States, Egypt, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza, and includes interviews with prominent Arab intellectuals, including Egyptian author Nawal Saadawi.

1999, 49 min 27 s

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Bronze Plaque Award - Category: Social Issues
International Film and Video Festival
October 25 to 27 2000, Columbus - USA