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Champions of the Wild: Dolphins

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The bottlenose dolphins in the waters of the Bahamas are under attack. Every year, dozens are captured and shipped off to aquariums and theme parks.

Diane Claridge and her hubsand, Ken Balcomb, say it's time to set the dolphins free, and that keeping them captive is barbaric. Their marine mammal survey, based on the Bahamian island of Abaco, works to identify individual dolphins living in the area.

Conventional wisdom has it that captive dolphins can't survive in the wild. But in 1992, a bottlenose known as Bahama Mama escaped after 15 years in captivity. Five months later, Claridge and Balcomb identified her swimming with a group of wild dolphins. The finding has provided even more ammunition for their fight to free the planet's imprisoned dolphins and whales.

1998, 25 min 25 s