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Frank the Wrabbit

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A short, funny and irreverent animated film. Frank is no ordinary rabbit -- he's a highly intelligent "wrabbit" with a philosophical world-view that affords him great comfort. Unfortunately, his outlook is challenged when his food source -- a farmer's carrots -- disappear. But his quick wit allows him to survive and prosper. In Frank the Wrabbit, filmmaker John Weldon uses his raw, innovative computer style to tell a deceptively simple and accessible tale with a subversive twist.

1998, 09 min 09 s

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Dick and Ada Bird Award for Best Animated Short Film - with a cash prize of 200$
Flicks International Children Film Festival
March 10 to 12 2000, Saskatoon - Canada

Bronze Plaque Award - Category: Arts and Culture
International Film and Video Festival
October 19 to 22 1999, Columbus - USA

Silver Spike Award - Category: Short film
International Film Festival
October 23 to 31 1998, Valladolid - Spain

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