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Tu as crié LET ME GO

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It's the most terrible tragedy a mother can imagine. Director Anne Claire Poirier's daughter, Yanne, turned to drugs and prostitution. And then she was murdered at age 26. Following the tragedy, Poirier uses her immense talents as a filmmaker to find the strength and courage to transform her devastating personal pain into a cinematic tour-de-force. She unearths her daughter's past in an effort to understand her now that she is gone, and to understand what causes young people to risk their lives for the drugs they believe will set them free. In Tu as crié LET ME GO, Poirier enters the world of Montreal's street people--young drug addicts, prostitutes and people living with AIDS--to reflect upon the events leading to Yanne's tragic death. Searing, moving, Tu as crié LET ME GO is one mother's plea for society to understand the world of drugs and prostitution that draws in so many young people--and to accept some responsibility for the existence of that world.

1998, 96 min 30 s

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Honorable Mention - Category: Best Documentary
Women Film Festival "La Mo-Viola"
March 4 to 8 1998, Torino - Italy

Honorable Mention - Category: Best Writing Category (Anne-Claire Poirier & Marie-Claire Blais)
Hot Docs
February 18 to 22 1998, Toronto - Canada

AQCC-SODEC Award - Category: Best Feature Film
Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma
February 16 to 28 1998, Montréal - Canada

Genie Award for Best Feature Length Documentary
Genie Awards
December 14 1997, Montréal - Canada

Runner-up Award - with a cash prize of 300,000Yen
International Documentary Film Festival
October 6 to 13 1997, Yamagata - Japan

NFB Award for Best Documentary Feature - with a cash prize of 1,500$
International Film Festival
September 26 to October 12 1997, Vancouver - Canada

Grand Prix - Category: Images & Documents
International Film Festival
September 4 to 14 1997, Figueira da Foz - Portugal

Special Jury Mention - l'Association des femmes journalistes
Festival international de films de Femmes
March 14 to 23 1997, Créteil - France