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The Herd

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The Herd traces the true-life tale of Andy Bahr's reindeer drive across 2,400 km of hostile and unmapped terrain. The 62-year-old set out from Alaska in 1929 with a small team of Inuit and Sami herders. And 3,000 reindeer! They were heading for the Northwest Territories. The Canadian government, in a well-intentioned move to provide a livelihood for the Mackenzie Delta Inuit, had purchased the herd. The reindeer drive, expected to take about 18 months, lasted 6 years. Filmed on location from the Bering Strait in Alaska to the Beaufort Sea in the Northwest Territories, this stunning odyssey follows Bahr's quest to the edge of the World. Filmmaker Peter Lynch continues to challenge the boundaries of fact and fiction, fusing drama and documentary. The Herd features performances from some of Canada's finest actors, as well as painstaking historical documentation, epic myth and irreverent humour.

1999, 100 min 22 s