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We've all felt the terror of being lost--even for just a few moments. We lose our way; a child unexpectedly vanishes in the aisles of a supermarket. The experience of being lost lies at the heart of this impressive documentary. People who have been lost overnight--or longer--recall the stress and the ongoing effects on their lives. Why do lost people almost invariably make the worst possible decisions? Psychologists Ken Hill and Daniel Montello reveal why and describe the science of the search. Being lost is more than just a physical state. It's also a key part of our cultural and spiritual experience. From the Odyssey, to the Bible, to Star Wars, being lost is a central motif. In Lost we navigate the winding streets of London with a cabbie, a master of "the knowledge." We follow a young couple finding their way through a 17th-century maze, and experience an actual search-and-rescue operation. Lost was shot in England, Alberta and in Nova Scotia, the province where more people get lost per capita than anywhere else in North America.

1999, 52 min 07 s

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Chris Award - Category: Education and Information
International Film and Video Festival
October 25 to 27 2000, Columbus - USA