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Fish Tale Soup

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Fish Tale Soup is a romantic comedy about Vivi (Kathleen Laskey) and Paul (John Jarvis), a contemporary couple trying to have a child. Vivi works at the local pound where she feels that far too many animals are put down due to space constrictions. Because of government cutbacks, Paul's music therapy class for handicapped children is about to be phased out. Vivi and Paul's desperate attempts to conceive are putting a strain on their marriage. Into this melée steps Markus (Rémy Girard), the gentle giant of a refugee from nowhere. Soon Markus has insinuated himself into not only Paul and Vivi's home, but every aspect of their lives. The story comes to a heartwarming conclusion when we find that Markus is not the refugee he presented himself as, but an angel sent to help our couple with their plight. A first film director Annette Mangaard Fish Tale Soup touches us in a gentle but deep way.

1995, 89 min 30 s