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Goethe once said, "Europe was made on the road to Compostelo." Stretching from France to the Spanish town of Santiago de Compostelo, where the cathedral is said to house the remains of James the Apostle, the Road to Santiago was the first great pilgrims' route. Millions made the 900 kilometre journey in an age when people rarely ventured beyond their village or town. Filmmaker Lina Moreco retraces their steps in the company of her "pilgrim camera." She follows El Camino through the rolling landscape and ancient hill-towns of Galicia, in a quest to understand the notion of faith in the closing days of the 20th century. Using the pilgrimage as a metaphor, the film explores the phenomenon of faith--in God, religion, or simply oneself. What are the wellsprings of faith? What need does it fulfil? And how is it expressed? Believing reflects on these matters, questioning the very existence of God while appreciating the simple beauty of the pilgrim's path.

1999, 52 min 12 s

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Award - Category: Best Writing (Lina B. Moreco, Benjamin H. Leblanc)
Hot Docs
May 5 to 9 1999, Toronto - Canada