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Best of the Best: Especially for Kids!

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Enjoy many of the NFB's Academy Award-winning and Oscar®-nominated animation shorts for kids. Nine exceptional films in all!

Every Child Oscar® winner 1979: a baby appears mysteriously on the doorstep of a busy executive. Directed by Eugene Fedorenko.

The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin Oscar® nomination 1981: a zany version of the Cinderella tale. Directed by Janet Perlman.

Blackfly Oscar® nomination 1991: a folksinger recounts his battle with the blackfly in the woods of north Ontario. Directed by Christopher Hinton.

The Cat Came Back Oscar® nomination 1988: the hilarious attempts of Mr. Johnson to get rid of a little yellow cat. Directed by Cordell Barker.

The Sand Castle Oscar® winner 1977: the sandman builds creatures out of sand, and then the wind begins to blow... Directed by Co Hoedeman.

The Owl Who Married a Goose (1974): An Inuit legend and winner of many awards. Directed by Caroline Leaf.

Evolution Oscar® nomination 1971: Darwin himself would get a chuckle from this view of human evolution. Directed by Michael Mills.

Christmas Cracker Oscar® nomination 1963: three playful scenarios about Christmas. Directed by Jeff Hale, Norman McLaren, Grant Munro, Gerald Potterton.

Monsieur Pointu Oscar® nomination 1976: a virtuoso violinist gets taken apart--literally. Directed by André Leduc, Bernard Longpré.

1998, 81 min 59 s

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