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Journey to Nunavut: The Kreelak Story

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Martin Kreelak was born in an igloo on the coast of Hudson Bay in 1954. In 1985 he joined the first group of videomakers for the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation. This film tells the remarkable story of a Caribou Inuit family who were Canada's last nomads. Martin is a member of this family and also a principal character in Journey to Nunavut: The Kreelak Story. He and his older brothers and sisters tell of their early life hunting on the tundra to the present, when they take the reins of the new territory of Nunavut on April 1, 1999. Martin Kreelak speaks for the generation that has borne the brunt of cultural clashes between southern and Inuit societies--they are the ones who will set the course for their new homeland. Martin's neighbours, 80-year-old Amarok and his wife, Elizabeth, take us back to a time marked by incredible hardship, pride and a spiritual universe shaped by the powerful Arctic environment. History, music, legend and irreverent humour offer a moving tribute to people preparing to enter a new era. A longer video, Journey to Nunavut: Amarok's Song (75 min), is also available. In addition to The Kreelak Story, it introduces the generation of teenagers and young adults who were born in settlements and grew up with satellite TV.

1999, 48 min 15 s