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Champions of the Wild: Kenyan Wildlife Vet

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Dr. Tom deMaar's is a vet, but don't expect to find him treating cats--unless they're the kind that leap out of the forest at lightning speed to take down a gazelle. DeMaar left a conventional veterinary practice in the US for life at Ol Jogi, a private sanctuary in Kenya that teems with rhinos, giraffes, elephants, ostriches, leopards and other animals of the savannah. While he doesn't treat a lot of sick animals ("Wild animals get sick, they turn into someone's breakfast"), deMaar has a unique opportunity to look at the health of a whole ecosystem. He vaccinates, runs an education program for local children and learns as much as he can about how creatures live and die in the wild. We go along with him as he does his rounds at Ol Jogi by jeep and bush plane, and we witness wildlife living as they were meant to, in a delicate balance, without fear of humans.

1999, 23 min 28 s