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Richard Condie, winner of countless international animation awards, creates hilarious films that blend the wacky with the profound in his own unmistakable and outrageous style.

Pig Bird: A traveller smuggles a weird creature into the country--and a disastrous insect infestation ensues. This film was originally shown on Air Canada flights to warn of the dangers of smuggling. Possibly the funniest educational clip ever made. (1982, 3:12)

The Apprentice: This medieval fable of two knights and a distant castle proves that the shortest route is often not the best. Condie says he considers this his least disturbing film. (1991, 9:00)

The Big Snit, Oscar® nominee: He keeps sawing the furniture, she keeps shaking her eyes, their Scrabble game is falling apart--and nuclear warheads are about to start flying. (1985, 9:49)

John Law and the Mississippi Bubble: In France, in 1720, a shady Scot named John Law is swindling thousands through a stock scam. A classic rags-to-riches-to-rags story. (1978, 9:40)

La Salla, Oscar® nominee: A tragi-comic opera featuring flying cows shot from cannon, a spectral visitor, weird camera angles--and one very tempting apple. Condie's first computer-animated film. (1996, 8:11)

Oh Sure: Condie's first film, a romp about a newspaper reader and his annoying acrobatic neighbour. (1977, 1:40)

Getting Started: He dreams of being a concert pianist but just can't bring himself to start practising. His avoidance of the piano takes procrastination to new (and painful!) hights. Ironically, Condie says this film was the quickest he ever made. (1979, 12:22)

1999, 60 min 49 s

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