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They Live To Polka

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It happens every year. From early April until late September, the Canadian Prairies are home to a joyous phenomenon--the polka festival. In small towns across the western plains, thousands of people gather to pay homage to polka music and to indulge their passion for intensely rhythmic celebration. They arrive in brand-new Lincolns, motor homes and half-ton trucks. They're 25, 45 and 85 years old, wearing party clothes or blue jeans. The one trait they share: a passion for polka. This quirky Prairie film celebrates a culture of festivals, contests and even a Sunday polka Mass--in an irresistible swirl of unrelenting good feelings. Live performances of popular polka bands from Canada and the USA figure prominently as the glue that binds this unique subculture together in irrepressible musical delight.

1998, 46 min 59 s