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Why Women Run

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On June 2, 1997, residents of Halifax went to the polls to choose between Mary Clancy, the incumbent Liberal Member of Parliament, and Alexa McDonough, leader of the federal New Democratic Party of Canada. It was slated to be one of the most highly contested races in the country and one of the rare occasions when two strong women candidates were running against each other. Director Meredith Ralston follows the two women around the campaign trail for weeks, getting inside an election that was often described as "nasty." Both larger than life and hungry to win, in quieter moments Clancy and McDonough reveal the strains and contradictions of their chosen careers. From the impressions of young women contemplating a political career, to seasoned veterans in the backrooms, Why Women Run highlights the accomplishments of women in politics and the problems many women face participating in the political process.

1999, 46 min 06 s