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Season of the Eiders

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Hardly a day old and already they are risking death. Under their mothers' wings, Atlantic eider ducklings tumble from the nest and scurry across an exposed beach to the sea. Predatory gulls circle above. This beautifully-shot documentary explores the remarkable social behaviour of the Atlantic eiders. In the spring, huge flocks fly to their nesting grounds where the eiders face harsh conditions and an uncertain fate. The hens nest side by side to form a protective sisterhood against predators. As the ducklings leave the nest, the females band together to fight off attackers and tend to each other's young. From eider courtship to the ducklings' first efforts on perilous open waters, Season of the Eiders tells a stirring tale of tenacity and survival. Narrated by Loreena McKennitt, the soundtrack includes selections from the Loreena McKennitt albums "The Book of Secrets," "The Mask and the Mirror," "The Visit" and "Parallel Dreams."

1999, 50 min 02 s