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Cyberteens in Love

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Set in the not too distant future, Cyberteens in Love is the exciting adventure story of two young lovers challenged by the dark world of cybernetic brain implants. Using a lyrical "futurspeak" dialogue and over five minutes of computer animation, Cyberteens in Love explores the effects of potentially dangerous mind-expanding technology in a future where virtual reality beckons as an alternative to real life. When Su (Justine Priestley), a teenage orphan, escapes the child custody workhouse to search for her family, she is given love and protection by young Kon (Martin Cummins). But her newfound happiness is soon threatened by Kon's devious partners, the more-metal-than-flesh Olderman (Hagan Beggs), and the gifted back alley surgeon Kid Cutter (Carole Henshall). As Su struggles to save Kon from the perils of an eternity in cyberspace, the relationships become charged with jealousy and danger.

1995, 90 min