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Working Like Crazy

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Working Like Crazy is a fresh look at the struggles and victories of some former mental health patients who work in businesses owned and run by other psychiatric survivors. Labelled "unemployable," they have given themselves a safe space among peers. A place where they can earn an income and rebuild their lives.
Laurie spent years in psychiatric isolation and now runs a courier business; Diana has transformed rage and family violence into work for the Ontario Council of Alternative Businesses; since Graham has a job at Fresh Start Cleaning, his plan is "to get back to being a man"; now that Susan works as a courier, she can afford to care for her pets--and the neighbourhood kids don't think she's so crazy anymore. Illuminating the tears and laughter, the isolation and friendship, the rejection and acceptance, these and other stories reveal a rare glimpse of this complex community.
Working Like Crazy is about alternatives to conventional community mental health and economic development. It portrays work as a human process that rebuilds people's connections with each other. In the end, this is a film about hope.

1999, 53 min 09 s