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Wanda Koop: In Her Eyes

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1919. Erika Koop is born on a wealthy estate in southern Ukraine. But her family's idyllic life comes to an end when bandits raid their home. They kill Erika's parents and confiscate the family home in the name of the Russian Revolution. Soon after, Erika and her family flee to Canada.

1997. Erika and her daughter, internationally acclaimed painter and video artist Wanda Koop, make an emotionally searing journey back to Ukraine. They search for their heritage, find the cemetery where so many relatives are buried and visit the elegant estate that was once theirs. From its dreamlike opening to a stunning presentation of the paintings created from her pilgrimage, Wanda Koop: In Her Eyes takes us into the heart of the artistic process. It shows one of Canada's finest visual artists at the height of her skills, as she transforms the images and emotions of her journey into an unforgettable work of art.

1999, 46 min

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