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Ludovic - A Crocodile in My Garden

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Ludovic: A Crocodile in My Garden is the second film in the collection Seasons in the Life of Ludovic. This one explores the world of play. Magical thinking governs Ludovic's world. It is springtime. Ludovic, in his garden, reigns over his menagerie of paper animals and their jungle home. In his improvised Africa, Ludovic goes from one surprise to another until the animals help themselves to the surprise brought by his mother. When they refuse to obey him, Ludovic doesn't want to play anymore. He bangs the door and pouts. But children's fights don't last. Reconciliation is not far off, especially when there is a snack to be shared by everyone. (See also Ludovic - The Snow Gift.)

2000, 09 min 57 s

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Youth Jury Award - Category: Animation
Kids! Action! Cinema!
May 8 to 9 2004, Bloomington - USA

Jeune public Award - Category: 4 to 7 years - with a cash prize of 2,500FF
Festival du court métrage pour jeune public
March 28 to April 6 2001, Stains - France

Honorable Mention - Category: Children & Youth
International Film and Video Festival
October 25 to 27 2000, Columbus - USA

Best Short Animated Film Award given by the Children's Jury
Festival Internacional de Cine Para Ninos - La Matatena
August 15 to 20 2000, Mexico City - Mexico

Special Jury Award - Category: Short Film
Festival International du film pour enfants (FIFEM)
February 28 to March 5 2000, Montréal - Canada

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