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Far from Home: Canada and the Great War - Sam's Army: Part 3

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Sam's Army is a compelling portrait of a complex man and the formidable military he built. Sam Hughes was not your standard-issue military leader. Canada's World War I Minister of Militia and Defence concentrated power in his own hands, insisted that the Canadian military use the ill-conceived Ross rifle and liberally promoted his cronies. But there was no denying Hughes was a visionary. He assembled the world's largest-ever volunteer army and bucked superiors to keep his ferocious fighting force together in one Canadian Corps. Sam's Army, Part 3 takes us from the Canadian Corps' first victory--at St. Julien--to the battle of Mont Sorrel, which helped set the stage for Vimy. While the Corps distinguished itself in Europe, Hughes's political enemies had got the better of him. Engulfed by one scandal too many, he resigned in November 1916. Using the words of ordinary soldiers, leaders and civilians, Far From Home: Canada and the Great War captures the hopes, dreams, fears and heartbreaks of a generation. In addition to the three videos making up Sam's Army, the series also includes The Battle of Vimy Ridge and The Last 100 Days.

1999, 30 min 14 s