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Afterlife / Après la vie

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What is dying? How does it feel? Afterlife is an impressionistic and visionary response to these eternal questions. Based on recent studies, case histories, and some of the ancient myths, the afterlife state is portrayed as an awesome but methodical working-out of all the individual's past experiences. Film without words.

1978, 07 min 12 s

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Bronze Plaque Award - Category: Religion
International Film and Video Festival
October 23 1980, Columbus - USA

Certificate for an outstanding film
International Film Festival
April 3 to 18 1980, Hong Kong - China

Golden Sheaf Award - Category: Best Visual Essay
Yorkton Film Festival
November 12 to 17 1979, Yorkton - Canada

Grand Prize ex aequo with MONSIEUR PASCAL by Alison DeVere/Great-Britain) - Category: Short Films
International Animated Film Festival
June 12 to 17 1979, Annecy - France

Silver Hugo
International Film Festival
November 3 to 19 1978, Chicago - USA

Etrog for Best Animated Film
Genie Awards
September 14 to 21 1978, Toronto - Canada

Chez Ani Award - Most popular film of the festival
International Animation Festival
August 30 to September 3 1978, Ottawa - Canada

Award for Best short Film
Montreal World Film Festival
August 25 to September 3 1978, Montréal - Canada

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