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The Tenth Frontier - Volume 5

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The three films on this compilation were part of the NFB's innovative Challenge for Change program, which let people in communities across the country tell their own stories.

The Children of Fogo Island (1967) A snapshot of children at play and helping with chores on Fogo Island, off the northeastern shore of Newfoundland. (17 min., black and white)

A Woman's Place (1967) Made by Oscar®-nominated director Colin Low, this is a fascinating, hopeful conversation between two women on Fogo Island. They talk about organizing women across class and denominational lines to improve education, access to consumer goods and community life in general. (16 min., black and white)

Billy Crane Moves Away (1967) Billy Crane, an inshore fisherman since the age of nine, stows his gear one last time. Embittered because inshore fishermen can't get "a square deal" from the government, and because large draggers are reducing the stocks, he's moving away to the mainland. (18 min., black and white)

The Tenth Frontier is a 12-part series highlighting 50 years of NFB films from and about Newfoundland and Labrador. From touching personal stories, to portraits of public figures, to windows on ways of life now past, The Tenth Frontier is a treasure of historical films and fresh perspectives.

2000, 53 min 10 s

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